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 Dear Robyn,

What is your position on artificial sweeteners? Specifically, what is your opinion of Splenda? It seems to be all the rage since Dr. Atkins recommended it instead of Nutrasweet.

By the way, I started bodyfueling a couple of months ago and I am astounded at the results. I do 2 hours per week of high intensity step-aerobics, 2 hours per week of ultimate fitness training, and 3 hours per week of power, ashtanga, and iyengar yoga so I need a lot of fuel.

Before bodyfueling, even with that much exercise, I could only eat about 2000 calories before I started putting on bodyfat. Just yesterday, I ate over 3,200 calories and still didn't feel like it was enough fuel.

I'm still feeling my way and learning to listen to what my body is telling me. I count calories only to compare to what I was doing before (high protein, moderate to high fat, moderate to low carb). After yesterday, I won't be counting anymore. I'll just fuel until the tank is full.

Thanks for your wonderful book. I'll never diet again. No more diet thinking, weight loss thinking, or any of that other nonsense for me. You're the best.


-Jeff A., St. Louis, MO


Thanks for writing. Great to hear all this. May I use your letter on my website? It may inspire others. It sure inspired me! :)

As for Splenda, besides the fact that I tend not to take anything related to Dr. Atkins too seriously ;) I avoid all chemical food additives. There is no reason in my opinion to ever use any artificial chemical sweetener. Small amounts of unrefined organic sugar--in other words, healthy REAL sweeteners in moderation--are far, far, FAR preferable to anything chemical and lab-manipulated. The point of those artificial sweeteners is to save on carbs, to actually nickel and dime on carbs, and you know how I feel about that. No one should be eating two boxes of cookies whether they have real or fake sugar. If you're eating two or three cookies, with an organic natural sweetener (and in the context of an overall healthy diet), it's going to be just fine for most people.

I don't like any artificial chemicals in my food, as there is plenty of good pure food to eat without it, and why consume such things?--but here is some info specifically on Splenda:

Some people like stevia as a sweetener, when they want a sugar substitute that is real, plant-based and very sweet without using sugar. I don't personally find a use for it, but have no problem with it either.

Also see my site's Q&A on corn syrup, which has more info on sweeteners.

I hope that helps. Let me know if I can use your letter either in the letters section or Q&A. And thanks for letting me know the book helped you.

Robyn Landis

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