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Food Brand Recommendations have been updated many times since the publication of BodyFueling®, but trying to keep up with the dozens of good new products being brought to market each year is a daunting task. My list represents a good start, but it no longer even close to represents all of the excellent products available for those who want to choose healthy snacks, ingredients, and other prepared and packaged foods, as well as support ecologically conscious companies.

As I have detailed in answer to a Q&A question, some of my own eating habits have evolved further since publication of BodyFueling®. My choosiness has deepened to involve further concerns such as chemical-free responsible farming, other aspects of environmentalism and health, corporate responsibility, and type of fat used, in addition to things like fat and sugar content. Therefore, this list now emphasizes vegetarian and organic foods.

So, these are the all-time favorites of my family and friends in their categories. Enjoy­and don't forget to send me your faves too! (I've actually had the pleasure of matching people up with products in their own states or regions, which I wouldn't have known about if someone else hadn't e-mailed me with the suggestion!)

Got a tip on a great healthy brand? Send it in!
If we approve, we'll add it for all to benefit!
(Sorry, I cannot answer all e-mails personally.)

Robyn Landis and BodyFueling are not affiliated with any food, brand or company listed.
This page reflects the personal tastes and opinions of the author.

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 NOTE: These are examples of alternatives to traditional high fat/high sugar counterparts in various food categories. They are not the only fuel-smart brands in their categories! Not all brands are available everywhere--but the point is not to limit yourself to these brands. It's that no matter what you like, there are plenty of healthy AND tasty alternatives. Read labels and ingredients to identify locally- and regionally-distributed equivalents.


· Eden Organics beans, soups, sauces

· Health Valley fat-free and lowfat soups, chili

· Whole Earth organic baked beans

· Hain fat-free and lowfat soups, chili

· American Prairie fat-free/low-fat soups & beans

· Bearitos fat-free soups, vegetarian chili and refried black beans

· Next Generation soups & beans

· Greene Farms soups, chili, beans and canned veggies

· Hain refried beans

· Nile Spice instant couscous and soup cups

· Fantastic Foods soup, couscous and rice-n-bean cups

· Casbah instant soup cups

· Thai Kitchen soups

· Shari's Bistro soups

· EdenSoy Beans

· Imagine Foods Soups

· Arrowhead Mills

· Westbrae



· Health Valley Fat-Free & Lowfat Cookies, Fruit Bars, Granola Bars, Brownies, Tarts

· Frookie Fat-Free & Lowfat Cookies, Fruit Fruitins, Brownies, Blondies

· Nature's Warehouse Fat-Free Cookies; Fig/Cherry/ Raspberry Bars

· Auburn Farms Fat-Free Cookies,Toast-N-Jammers (toaster-tarts), Brownies

· Tree of Life Fat-Free Cookies

· Barbara's Fat-Free Mini Cookies, lowfat animal crackers

· Marin Fig Bars and other fruit bars

· Obie's Natural Cookie Mixes

· Simple Organics cookie (and cake/brownie) mixes

· Cookie Lover's organic cookies

· Joseph's B-Fit Fat-Free Cookies

· Small World Animal Cookies

· Westbrae Naturals Lowfat Chocolate Chip Cookie Classics

· Heaven Scent Cookies

· Pride O' The Farm cookies

· New Morning cookies

· Mi-Del cookies

· Nature's Warehouse cookies and Grr-nola Bars

· San Anselmo's lowfat organic biscotti

· Arrowhead Mills fat-free or wheat-free brownie, cake and cookie mixes

· Newman's Own Organics Cookies and Fig Newmans

· Country Choice organic cookies

Also, for some totally fresh, totally vegan, and totally awesome homebaked cookies, go to Allison's Cookies on the web. Allison is a neighbor and an amazing vegan baker. Her cookies make great gifts, so check out her site.


· CLIF Bars

· Luna Bars

· Intellect (by Aveda)

· Boulder Bars

· Stoker

(I avoid energy bars with any high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, dextrose or sucrose.)



· Nile Spice Rozdali rice and other prepared foods

· Lundberg RizCous(couscous-like grain made from rice ), risotto and others

· Near East flavored rices

· Konriko flavored rices

· Casbah rice, tabouli, couscous mix, others

· Fantastic Foods rices, Nature Burgers, taboulis, couscous and others

· Gourmet Guru rice, couscous and others

· Penguin rice mixes

· Seeds Of Change couscous and rice mixes



· Health Valley Fat-Free Crackers

· Tree of Life Fat-Free Crackers

· Auburn Farms Fat-Free 7-Grainers

· Hain Naturals Fat-Free Crackers

· Hain baked chips

· Frookie Fat-Free Crackers

· Garden of Eatin' assorted chips

· Barbara's Wheatines

· Little Bear Co. chips

· No Fries Fat-Free Crackers and Chips

· Spudbakes Lowfat/Fat-Free potato crisps

· American Grains "Popsters" lowfat potato chips

· American Grains Tortilla Bites (corn/bean chips)

· Guiltless Gourmet No-Oil Tortilla Corn Chips

· Basically Baked Tortilla Chips

· Bearitos Oil-Free Tortilla Chips

· Saguaro's Oil-Free Tortilla Chips

· Barbara's Amazing Bakes (try Pesto flavor!)

· American Grains Rice Bites

· Louise's Fat-Free & Lowfat Potato Chips

· Kettle Crisps Lowfat Potato Chips

· Newman's Own tortilla chips and pretzels

· Que Pasa corn and tortilla chips

· Robert's Potato Flyers and other chips


NONFAT/LOWFAT YOGURTS (fruit-sweetened, small no-cruelty, no-hormone dairies)

· Organic Valley

· Alta-Dena lowfat/nonfat yogurts and yogurt shakes

· Cascade Fresh fruit-sweetened lowfat and nonfat

· Stonyfield Farms (nonfat variety)

· Horizon lowfat/nonfat yogurts

· Wallaby organic yogurts

· Nancy's organic yogurts


( small no-cruelty, no-hormone organic dairies)

NOTE: I recommend using only organically produced dairy products, without hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals. I also recommend using lowfat, not nonfat cheeses, and let that be your "splurge" when necessary. Although lowfat cheese is often not very low in fat, it's better to eat something lowfat that tastes good than something nonfat that doesn't.

· Greenbank Farms reduced fat cheeses

· Organic Valley cheeses

· Bandon organic cheeses

· Horizon organic cheeses

· Nancy's

· Alta Dena

· Echo Springs organic cheeses



· Walnut Acres Family Farms peanut butter

· Arrowhead Mills nut butters

· Maranatha Farms nut butters

· Cascadian Farms jams and jellies


· WestBrae

· Muir Glen

· Tree Of Life


· Rising Moon

· It's Italian

· Uncle Dave's Pasta/Pizza

· Enrico's

· Millina's Finest

·Tree of Life

· Tomaso's

· Classico

· Bella Via

· Mama Rizzo's

· Cia Bella

· Eden

· Peggy's Power Sauce

· Pacific Gardens

· Seeds Of Change

· Timpone's

· Muir Glen

· Fortunata's

· Parrot



· Ayla's Organics: Thai peanut, curry, Schezwan, salsas

· Annie's salad dressings

· Seeds Of Change salad dressings



· Eden

· Michelle's

· Eddie's

· DeBoles

· bionaturae

· Gardentime

· Garden Valley Naturals



· Cold Mountain

· R.W. Knudsen

· Santa Cruz Natural

· Nice-N-Natural

· Heinke

· Odwalla

· Rocket Juice

· Happy Planet

· Horizon

· Organic Valley

· Columbia Gorge Organics

· Mountain Sun



· Rice Dream and Soy Dream soy and rice beverages

· Health Valley soy and rice beverages

· Edensoy soy and rice beverages

· WestBrae soy and rice beverages

· Grainassance Amazake shakes

· Ahh!Laska North Pole Ho-Ho organic fat-free instant hot cocoa and chocolate syrup

· Santa Cruz Organics hot chocolate and chocolate syrup

· PacificSOY soy and rice beverages

· Yogi Tea teas

· Celestial Seasonings teas



· Soy Delicious soy ice creams

· Howler organic gelato and frozen yogurt

· Stonyfield Farms nonfat frozen yogurt

· Sweet Nothings nonfat non-dairy dessert

· Cascadian Farms frozen yogurt pops (on a stick), fruit sorbets

· Frozen Joy frozen fruit pops

· Nouvelle Sorbet fruit sherbets

· Julie's organic IceCream

· Tofutti organic chocolate fudge bars



· MorningStar Farms

· Cascadian Farms frozen potatoes (french fries, tater tots, etc), fruits, veggies, and dinners

· Amy's entrees, pockets, pizzas, burritos, pies, etc

· Cederlane focaccias, quesadillas and entrees

· Imagine Foods pockets and burritos

· Gloria's entrees

· Bravo pizzas

· A.C. LaRocco organic gourmet pizzas

· Lifestream waffles

· Soy Heaven waffles

· Waffle Heaven waffles



· MorningStar Farms burgers, breakfast "meats," buffalo wings, etc

· Boca burgers, breakfast meats, "sausage," ground "meat," etc

· Veat "chicken" and "fish" products

· GardenBurger patties, grillers, etc

· Yves burgers, ground "meats," "bacon," "pepperoni," and deli slices

· LightLife ground "meats," "sausage," "pepperoni," and deli slices

· SmartDeli ground "meats," "sausage," "pepperoni," and deli slices

· Tofurky "turrkey," giblets and gravy

· Worthington

· Nate's Meatless Meatballs



· New Morning Oatios, Kamutios, others

· Nature's Path Oat Bran flakes, Corn Flakes, Heritage-Os, muesli, others

· Health Valley cereals & Fat-Free Granola

· Erewhon cereals (hot and cold)

· Arrowhead Mills cold and hot cereals

· Perky's cold cereals

· Kashi--puffed, cooked, or Medley

· Breadshop's Cinnamon Grins & bulk fat-free and low-fat granolas

· GoldenTemple bulk Oil-Free granolas

· Grizzlies' bulk Oil-Free granolas

· Lifestream Cereals

· Barbara's cold cereals

· EnviroKidz cold cereals



· Island Springs

· Small Planet

· White Wave

· Nigari

· SoyDeli

· Wildwood

© Robyn Landis 1997 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED For personal use only. May not be reprinted for commercial or publishing purposes
except with written permission from Robyn Landis and Warner Books. May not be represented as any work other than that of Robyn Landis
and BodyFueling®. Robyn Landis and BodyFueling are not affiliated with any food, brand or company listed. This page reflects the personal
tastes and opinions of the author.

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