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The comments you are about to read are from
individuals who have participated in
BodyFueling® workshops or consulting.

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What people say about
The BodyFueling
® Workshop:

 "Your grasp of the material is superb . . . I definitely learned from BodyFueling . . .You have an extraordinary ability to illustrate complex concepts without being either condescending or confusing. Astoundingly well-produced, professional written materials . . . Above all, what you delivered was freedom and choice; I could feel myself relaxing about the whole thing. I've never seen nutrition presented in such an original way . . . The interaction between you and participants is powerful. It's the right combination of everything; your work's potential is immense. I'm fueling my body!" -Dr. Kaaren Nichols, M.D., founder of the Seattle Medical and Wellness Clinic

" I never heard a lay person so knowledgeable and clear about fats, food and the way the body works . . . I can't believe she learned all of that in just one four-hour workshop. I had assumed she received months of training . . . I'm very impressed [with what she got out of BodyFueling]." -Carol Cottet, Nurse Practitioner (A.R.N.P.), Portland, regarding her patient, a BodyFueling® participant

"I'm a total champion. Nothing else has worked for me like this. I'm wearing clothes I've never worn before, my face has rosy color, I'm never hungry, and cravings for sugar and fat are minimal to non-existent. Most important, I am aware at all times that fueling my body is a choice that I have, moment to moment-there's nothing to 'go on' or 'go off'. I'm referring all of my patients. I can turn people over to you and know that their basic eating concerns will be handled." -Dr. Ann McCombs, D.O., Seattle, WA

"Great job . . . I'm definitely recommending it to my patients. I've made some big changes myself-I always eat breakfast now and have much more energy throughout the day . . . I see I wasn't eating enough. Now I'll have a snack no matter what, even if a patient is waiting! It only takes a minute. It really has made a big difference." -Dr. Jim Bentz, D.C., Bellevue, WA

"I feel really great! I'm eating so much it's amazing-and my energy level after workouts is radically different. Before, it would go way down during and after . . . Oh, thank you so much. Please use me as a reference!" -Pam L., Seattle, WA

". . . A small investment that will make a huge difference for the rest of my life. I saw that a shift in my eating could be easy, and now it's becoming fun. I am shocked at the number of grams of fat per serving in the things I was eating before. I don't even put cream in my coffee any more--that's a big deal for me. I can tell I'm losing fat, and that's not even what I intended. I used to always be hungry, and I'm not any more. It's the best." - Dawn N., Therapist, Sequim, WA

"Not overwhelming . . . not judgemental . . . very good. One of the biggest impacts it had was when you talked about having food with you all the time. I feel a lot better eating more frequently. I bring my own food now, instead of calling the kitchen and having them fix me a tray of whatever. I've taken charge. It helps that now I know where to find the good food, too . . . I'm a lot more aware of how others eat now. An overweight colleague came in at 5 p.m. and hadn't eaten all day; she was famished. Now it makes sense why she doesn't lose fat." - Dr. Julia Tyson, Physician, Seattle, WA

"It's great to be listening to my body. I absolutely won't go three hours without eating any more. I actually got off the freeway halfway to a meeting and bought juice and rolls because it was time for my snack. I keep a bagel by the bed so I'll eat before I run in the morning. So I don't have those big dips anymore where I feel absolutely awful. And even though I came to the course resistant to giving up fat and sugar, I've stopped eating refined sugar. I was seriously addicted to sugar, so breaking that is a real accomplishment. And I've cut way back on fat--when I do eat it, I choose it and I enjoy it. Josh [husband, a professional chef and course participant] is taking it much more seriously than I thought he would. He's cooking and baking with fruit juice and less fat, and he's been great about buying food; there's a lot of new food in the house. It's pretty much a part of the way we eat now. You should teach this to athletes--I never learned all this stuff. It used to be pretty hit or miss." -Ginny Gilder, nonprofit founder, mother and former U.S. Olympic rowing team member, Seattle, WA

"I used to leave breakfast to the unknown. Now I make breakfast happen, no matter what. I've lost several dress sizes, I'm working out more . . . I can't help noticing all the people at the clubs working their butts off and getting nowhere. One club had nuts and candy out for snacks. I was appalled. The next day, after I talked to them, they had fruit, juice and rolls. -Linda T., Massage Therapist, Seattle, WA

"I have been eating burgers all my life, yet now they disgust me. They make me shudder. Not because I can't have them--I know I could once in a while and it would be okay. It's because they seem gross now. No more butter, no more mayo. I am eating in a way that's consistent with my long-term health and well-being. Tremendously valuable." -David H., Acton, Massachusetts

"Excellent, great, I love it! This is for me. I'm finding all sorts of wonderful alternatives and choices. It feels like the most natural thing in the world to eat this way. In the past, I would have said "I ate too much, now I've got to cut back" and gone on the diet seesaw. Now I saw that the one day wasn't significant and kept right on fueling. I just can't believe how great it is! I'm walking every day now and have bountiful energy." -Patt D., Olympia, WA

"I am absolutely wild about all this eating--knowing that eating is a normal, healthy, necessary activity! I carry big bags of food with me everywhere. I just feel so much better doing it--more energy, and I don't have cravings anymore, even chocolate. I feel better in the morning. I didn't realize that I didn't feel well before . . . I've eliminated a lot of fats. I'm just not willing to pay the price." -Kathy D., Nurse, Portland, OR

"I always eat breakfast now, and my energy level is way up. When I don't snack, I notice the difference. I tried butter last night for the first time since the workshop and it tasted awful--I was amazed. . . . This has been incredibly valuable, especially the inspiration." - Meagan W., TV News Producer, Chicago, IL

"We've cut out cheese and peanut butter, and I don't have cravings any more. We do have whatever we want on holidays . . . My tummy is gone. I wear a size 6 now . . . Cooking has been the most amazing thing. I come home and it's 'oh, goody'-I can't wait to see what I'm going to put together tonight. I think differently. The guidelines are helpful, but I really ad lib. It was never that way before . . . We really appreciate your concern and diligence. I've never seen this presented without glitz and hype." - Sue M. Bellevue, WA

"I don't seem to crave things anymore. I still had Christmas cookies all over the place a month after the holidays--I don't think I've finished a single cookie. I guess I should throw them away . . . I used to use diet pop as a crutch every time I got hungry, because I thought I shouldn't be eating. Now I have a juice or bagel instead. It's no wonder I used to be so hungry all the time. I'm off the 'yo-yo system.'" -Carole K., Seattle, WA

"You're inspiring. I have a stronger commitment to the sanity of healthy fueling. I suggest a version for the junior generation, too!" Trudy B., TV Producer, Seattle, WA

"I am very familiar with the diabetic exchange diet and this workshop addresses food labeling and integration into daily life in a way that the exchange diet does not. The personal commitment work put it all in a positive light and the biology was put very succinctly." - Theresa B., Fitness Trainer, Seattle, WA

"This is exciting. I can barely keep up with the eating! I never knew eating enough could make such a difference. My waist is smaller. I wish everyone would do it. It drives me crazy now when I see people starving themselves." -Sandra M., Tacoma, WA

"I was eating just apples and kept getting fatter. Now I eat a lot and I'm getting smaller! I wore the dress I wanted to the prom . . . I was runner-up for homecoming queen. I'm so happy." -Cam Ferree, Federal Way, WA

"I love it! I love eating real food. It's great having lots of good food in the house and getting off those little tiny frozen meals. The grocery store is fun now-I like reading labels. I'm neither full nor hungry. I wake up awake at 5 a.m.; before, I used to lay there. I'm not as tired any more." - Sheila N., Seattle, WA


"I'm a very happy camper. My eating habits have changed dramatically, and although I've stayed the same weight, I've dropped two dress sizes, down to an 8. My skin has never been so clear. And I don't have to do any weird shopping. I can have everything I like." -Alice G., Seattle, WA

"I've been going to the grocery store regularly and cooking wonderful new things. This is a miracle. I used to eat out three meals a day because I couldn't confront the whole thing. I'm saving a ton of money this way. Not only that, but my energy level is amazing--no more naps--and I think more clearly." -Peg H., Seattle, WA

"All the diets say don't snack, so it's really refreshing to be able to enjoy breakfast and lunch and my bagel in between with no guilt. And clearly it works, because I lost inches pretty steadily even though I wasn't even trying for that. I've cut back on sugar a lot. I used to be a chocoholic, but I had a candy bar at work one day and it left the most awful taste. I had to chase it with a bagel to get rid of it. It was like my body was saying 'Hey, you don't need this anymore.'" -Rena S., Seattle, WA

"There's so much more thought going into the way I'm eating. I've tried a lot of new things. I didn't realize how much junk was in the brand of yogurt I'd been buying, so I experimented with others and switched . . . I've stopped starving to 'feel' thinner. My pants are all too big. Even better is the tremendous clarity I have and the definite absence of a lag late in the day. That fuzziness is just gone." - Michael G., Seattle, WA

"I don't crave sugar at all anymore. I tried a chocolate chip cookie and it was awful--butter, too--it's just irritating, totally lost its appeal. Yuck! . . . When you fuel yourself, you notice a lot of things . . . I have way more energy. I've never had color in my face, and now I have rosy, natural color. I figure I'll just keep eating this way--I really prefer it, and it doesn't seem like a lot of work." - Judy D., Bellevue, WA

"Am I getting leaner? Yes. Do I feel better? You bet. But this is the best part: an old friend called me a few weeks after the course. We've always had this running dialogue about our bodies. He asked, 'How's that 15 pounds?' And I said 'what 15 pounds'?. He said, 'You know, your 15 pounds you always struggle with.' I didn't know what he was talking about for a minute. I started laughing. I realized what this really is about. I've won the game. I don't have to get somewhere anymore." - Dixon D., Bellevue, WA

"Your workshop has changed my energy and my life. It was brilliant and fascinating--made it all so clear, answered all my questions. I didn't really know what eating well meant. I was starving myself and had no idea. I was totally unconscious. I don't hold back any more. I don't even think about my weight, and I no longer assume that as I get older, I must get fatter. At the holidays, there was a lot more freedom to eat whatever. The result was I didn't eat much junk. Before, I'd eat one and say 'I shouldn't' and then eat 10 more . . . And when I don't eat great, I don't agonize. I just do it till I'm done. And I love my body. I love to take care of it." -Peg M., Physical Therapist, CA

"I never knew I could view my body and health this way, as something to be nurtured and taken care of. I've been cooking great meals. We switched to skim milk. Butter is so overrated. My wife and I have both greatly reduced the fat in our cooking. We've also begun walking regularly." - TK P., Bellevue, WA

"It's hard to get past the weight loss mentality, but I think I'm over the hump. I think the context you gave us is one reason I've kept going. I was out walking tonight and it hit me--this is really about a whole life, not just a diet. It's about my future, traveling. . . so I'm not fixated on instant results so much anymore. I had a cookie and it didn't feel like cheating. Even more remarkable is it wasn't even that great." -Brenda Berg, Seattle, WA

"I don't know what I weigh because I don't have a scale anymore, but I'm in some clothes I couldn't even zip a few months ago. I like knowing what, when and how much to eat. I never thought to research the whole darn thing--I love it that you did it for me! I have more energy than before, but best of all is knowing what to do for Chuck that will be healthy." - Melanie H., Sales Rep and mother, Seattle, WA

"I haven't had any added fat since the workshop--pretty remarkable. I had a cookie the other day and it didn't do a thing for me. I really can't imagine eating heavy, fatty things any more . . . My husband says how weird it is to see me cooking. I really enjoy being more creative. I'm very gung-ho on this concept." - Claire F., Psychotherapist, Seattle, WA

"It's almost like a few hours with you shouldn't have made such a big difference, but it did . . . Really incredible, just miraculous . . . I used to not admit when I was hungry. Now that I know I'm supposed to eat, I have total freedom. I eat all day. I realize I don't even know what my 'ideal weight' is any more and it doesn't matter . . . It wasn't like you said "don't eat this" or "don't eat out"-it's just self-reinforcing to eat what works. When you eat something that fuels you and feel great, next time you choose what worked. These are basic distinctions that are common sense, but somehow we never got them. If someone had told me this stuff when I was 10, in the way you did, it would've saved me a lot of trouble. If you could guarantee this kind of delivery in schools, it's exactly what's needed." -Georgia Se., Irvine, California

"I am absolutely amazed at my energy level since we started eating this way. I'm having as full a day as I can ever remember--getting up earlier, going to sleep later and feeling fantastic. I could never have taken on a consulting business in the evening in addition to a full-time day job. Now I can enjoy both . . . I'm really impressed. It's so straightforward; it was a surprise to me how simple and easy it was to make a few key adjustments that make such a difference. I have a much better sense of when I'm hungry and need 'fuel.' I've been talking about this . . . it's shocking how little people actually know." -Pat M., Irvine, California

"You did a great job--all the elements of good teaching were present. It was good to ground it all in the "why should I" question. I need to take all my pants in--I've got suspenders holding them up right now. Not only am I fueling most of the time, but if I forget the snacks, everyone around me wants to know where they are. I've got everyone in the office trained to eat every three hours, and things go a lot better! I love looking at [cooking] as 'assembling' rather than cooking--I'm doing it, and it tastes great to me. I can feel it for days when I have Thai coconut milk dishes. I really want to feel good, so I don't do it much anymore." -Robb B., Teacher, Seattle, WA

"It's probably the best course I ever took. I know in my heart that taking care of eating is one of the most important things I've ever done for myself. It's incredible how fun and simple it is. And it's amazing how many other peoples' eating--my family and friends--I impact for the better. It's loosened up my cooking creativity immensely and created new standards for taking care of ourselves. I just can't let our eating go by the wayside anymore. It's a breach of integrity." -Michelle R., Seattle, WA

"Participating in BodyFueling is one of the greatest things I've ever done for myself." -Sue U., Golf Professional, Bellevue, WA

"Just exchanging the trail mix, cheese and beef jerky for raisins, rolls and fat-free granola has made a world of difference in my hiking and climbing. I have a real sense of well-being." -Marty J., Seattle, WA

"I'm really surprised to find that when I use lots of spices, I don't miss the fat at all. I don't even notice the substitution of nonfat yogurt for lots of things. I eat out lots less, because it's more fun to cook and eat at home. I know what to buy and I know what to do. When I do eat out, I always make sure they leave off the butter and mayo. I keep fruit and bagels in my desk drawer. My energy level is much higher, and although I haven't had time to work out lately, I haven't noticed the usual muscle tone deterioration. That's a big benefit." -Don McD., Seattle, WA


The comments you just read above are from individuals who have participated in BodyFueling® workshops or consulting.

Click here to see more comments--from people who have read the BOOK BodyFueling.®

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