ROBYN LANDIS is a health writer, author of the bestselling BodyFueling®, and creator of the Bodyfueling® Workshop. Landis has delivered lectures and workshops to thousands of people, including athletes, physicians, schoolchildren, and executives from America's top corporations. She has studied herbal medicine under Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa (see bio at right) for eight years.

Setting an example for superior health and sophisticated knowledge as a layperson, Landis is a passionate voice for cultivating a society of powerfully informed and discerning health care consumers. Noted for her perceptive and penetrating insights on cultural beliefs and attitudes about health--the result of an observant, investigative approach to teaching--Landis compiles research and statistical data on health and disease; analyzes and dissects media treatment of relevant issues; and draws on the personal experiences of clients. Click here for a more in-depth bio of Robyn Landis.

 KARTA PURKH SINGH KHALSA, C.N., A.H.G., is one of the foremost herbal experts in the field today. He is one of very few clinicians with 30 years of experience with medicinal herbs. He has been personally trained by Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini yoga and natural healing, supporting his main focus in Ayurvedic medicine. He also has expertise with Western, Chinese, European and Native American herbs. His knowledge spans both traditional and modern views and practices in herbal medicine. He travels extensively to offer his knowledge and experience as a sought-after teacher, consultant, conference speaker and media guest. He is on the faculty of John Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine in Seattle, one of the foremost naturopathic colleges in the United States. He is a licensed nutritionist, licensed massage therapist, Kundalini yoga teacher, certified trainer for the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists, and a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild and many other professional organizations. He is a frequent contributor to many natural healing publications, such as Yoga Journal, Vegetarian Times, Let's Live, Nutrition Insights, and Veggie Life. Khalsa is the author of several books on natural healing topics. He is also a health educator for the general public. He has created over 400 of his own formulations for commercial applications, and works closely with companies who supply high quality herbal products to health professionals across the country. He also developed Kinesionics®, a unique muscle-testing tool used widely by other practitioners. Khalsa recently founded the Washington Herbalists Association to promote a certification process for herbalists in Washington State.

CLICK HERE to see how you can help herbal medicine and its practitioners gain the professional respect it is due.

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