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Robyn Landis

Author Robyn Landis is a passionate voice for laypeople to

become discerning, sophisticated, powerfully informed

health care consumers--instead of sound bite victims.

Supremely healthy and knowledgeable,

she teaches by living example as well as in words.


Health writer, advocate, consultant and motivational speaker Robyn Landis has made it her job to review health data and literature, translate it so it makes sense to YOU, point out what's logical and not, and act as a good example of how informed and savvy a consumer can be.

Her vision: that needless resignation and helplessness about disease, and fear of degeneration--apprehensions which may well cause as much suffering as disease itself--can be all but eliminated with good, plain-language education. Landis believes that all laypeople should be fairly sophisticated in their knowledge of the body, food, natural healing and other issues that give the individual a degree of power over health. She also believes that, contrary to popular opinion, people are inspired to take good care of themselves when they are educated effectively and convincingly.

After a decade as a successful freelance writer, Landis founded The BodyFueling Workshop based on demand following her own path of study and discovery regarding food, exercise and health. She wrote BodyFueling®, her first book, at the age of 25 to educate others about purposeful eating--"fueling"--for high performance, productivity and satisfaction. She saw a need for changes in the context, content and extent of fitness education in America, and sought to help bring it into a more progressive and effective paradigm.

Landis has offered consulting, teaching and lecturing to thousands of people, both individuals and in groups, ranging from Fortune 50 executives from around the world to physicians, athletes, schools and health clubs. An executive development program and a life-skills program for women on public assistance incorporated her work. She has also worked with teenagers in eating disorder prevention groups.

Landis coined and trademarked the terms "body fueling (tm)" as a new distinction for relating to food and the human body, and "diet thinking (tm)" to refer to the misleading body of assumptions, platitudes and myths that surround the topic of eating and health in America.

Thousands of BodyFueling® readers and workshop participants report taking on "fueling" as a way of eating for life, rather than as a "diet". They experience increased energy, slow but consistent fat loss, more efficiency and enjoyment with food shopping and cooking, and most importantly, a brand-new freedom and ease about eating, food, diet and weight issues.

Her second book, Herbal Defense, does a similar service for herbs and medicine--stripping away hype and misinformation, translating jargon into common-sense language, and empowering consumers to think for themselves about their health care and to be "choiceful" about what they put into their bodies.

Landis states: "My ultimate mission is not really topic-specific, so much as it is getting people to think, to distinguish things so they can evaluate their options critically. Right now, the topics happen to be health, fitness, food, herbs and natural medicine. I encourage people to take responsibility for their own care, their own health, their own futures--and moreover, I empower them to do it gladly and by choice, not because they 'should.' I don't nag, I inspire. I give them good thought-provoking reasons, good explanations, and good tools. And it works. I can say with confidence that people who read my books not only change the way they eat or take care of themselves--their experience changes. Their experience is one of choice. It is joyful and powerful."

She adds, "I'm taking the slow and high road. Telling the truth and stating the facts isn't always sexy or hypeworthy (in that the story doesn't change every day!). But I'm not interested in selling WOW! NOW! FAST! NEW!, or contradicting solid wisdom just for the sake of making headlines.

"I'm interested in the truth, and you knowing the truth, and you being empowered and conscious enough to tell the truth from all the hype--and to do something about it. Because even when the Latest Diet Craze of the Month passes the way of the others, there will be more. Even when the latest Herbal Exposé dies down, there will probably be more. There will always be more, until enough people care more about nourishing themselves for long-term health and investing in their lives than they do about looking a certain way in a certain pair of jeans by a certain time."

 Also see "About the Authors of Herbal Defense."

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