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Robyn Lands has provided consultations to places as far-flung as New Zealand and Japan!

Robyn Landis provides BodyFueling® phone and e-mail consultations, as well
as workshops and seminars.  In addition to in-person consultations in the
Seattle area, Landis has provided consultations "electronically" across the
U.S. and worldwide.
NOW AVAILABLE: Consultations by e-mail!

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Robyn Landis is available for hire to deliver lectures, workshops, seminars, keynotes, and trainings for your company,
club, association, organization, school, or conference. Topics include "What's Weight Got To Do With It?" and
"Getting out of Diet Thinking."

Consultation Info

Phone consultations for people who have already read the book BodyFueling® are $75 an hour, minimum one hour, pre-paid.
An e-mail consultation is a minimum two hours, pre-paid ($150).
For people who have NOT read the book, consultations are $175 for a minimum 1-1/2 hours or $225 for two hours.
(It is strongly recommended that you read the book first. Go directly to Amazon to get Bodyfueling, or get it from Iuniverse, or go to the site bookstore for more options.)

Consultations are conducted as follows:
The individual sends a food journal/diary of at least two days in length to Robyn via e-mail or fax, at least three days prior to the appointment.
Payment (by check or money order; sorry, no credit cards) must be received before the date of the appointment.
For an e-mail consultation, the client receives a questionnaire to fill out, and can also send a list of his/her questions.
The client then receives a written response of suggestions, observatons, and answers.
Only one person is counseled at a time.

Setting an appointment

E-mail Robyn Landis and provide a BRIEF (a few sentences) description of what you want to accomplish with your consultation.
Include your name and phone number, and whether you prefer to have your session on a weekday or weeknight.

NOTE: Robyn Landis is not a physician or licensed medical professional, and her comments are not intended and should not be taken as medical advice. Robyn Landis is an author, educator and consultant who is adept at communicating and helping people to understand widely-recommended health concepts and practices supported by most health authorities; empowering people to consistently and "choice-fully" apply these facts and concepts in their daily lives; and supporting people in becoming powerful, autonomous, conscious and discerning consumers of health, fitness, and medical information and products.

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Workshops Info

Landis has been a speaker and trainer for numerous companies, organizations and athletic clubs; spoken at many conferences;
and delivered her basic BodyFueling® workshop to thousands of people. Fees depend on the length of the speaking engagement.

For a schedule of fees and potential lecture/workshop topic, e-mail your request to Robyn Landis and include:

the name of the company, organization or conference

the size of the group

the desired date(s) of event(s)

You will receive e-mail outlining fees, terms, conditions and schedule.

(If you prefer, you can send your request by postal mail to P.O. Box 13408, Burton, WA 98013.)

For reader comments on the book BodyFueling, click here.

For information on the Herbal Defense speaking/training team of Robyn Landis and Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, check out the Herbal Defense page.

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