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Bodyfueling® is a book and a concept.

It is a myth-shattering, thought-provoking way of educating people about how to eat and fuel their lives, so that:


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 All About BodyFueling:

BodyFueling® (Warner, 1994) offers an eye-opening, easy-to-apply basic education on how the human body uses food as fuel. It also examines the massive failure of healthy-eating/fitness education in America, and provides solutions.

BodyFueling® offers the most progressive, effective healthy-eating education available. It has helped Americans transform the way they care for themselves and think about food and their bodies.

BodyFueling® has accolades from respected publications such as Longevity magazine and the Seattle Times and has also enjoyed a high rank on many regional bestseller lists. It has been published in five countries and was an alternate selection of the Prevention Book Club, Literary Guild and the Doubleday Book Club.

Want a clear-headed and refreshing look beyond thoughtless diet platitudes and trying to "fix" your body? Read on...

BodyFueling® is user-friendly education on purposeful eating, both for high performance and joyful satisfaction. BodyFueling® ends body ignorance, confusion and what Robyn Landis has termed "diet thinking," so people begin to fuel their lives instead of nearsightedly trying to "fix their bodies.

For years, "diet thinking" has kept Americans on a regimen of denial and suffering-and in the dark about their bodies. The BodyFueling® approach delivers peace with food issues, joy in eating, and the end of confusion, ignorance and "diet thinking." Look and feel great, increase longevity, and have food be a source of pleasure and energy instead of a problem.

Landis' approach--a combination of thorough education about the human body and a positive, empowering perspective on investing in one's body, health, and future--leaves readers really wanting to eat and exercise in the ways that really matter to longevity, fitness and energy. Landis also reveals a stunning portrait of the real state of mind of the American consumer, and presents a compelling means for bridging the information gap.

In BodyFueling® you learn why frequently eating lots of food is necessary for fat loss, muscle gain, energy and health; why your weight is meaningless; calories irrelevant, why it's OK to eat for pleasure, emotional fulfillment or comfort.

In BodyFueling® you discover what few diet books, health professionals or media ever explain:

You don't have to "watch" your "weight!"

You don't have to "eat less" or "exercise more!"

You don't have to measure and count every morsel of food for the rest of your life!

BodyFueling® gives people the tools and inspiration they need to eat for high performance, health and fitness-to make today's most widely-urged dietary changes. It combines scientific information, context, structure and support so people can make "fueling the body" a priority and a rewarding way of life.

BodyFueling® material is based on longstanding principles of human physiology and biochemistry. Landis synthesizes, organizes and presents this science so it is understandable and applicable, put in perspective. Simple, scientifically-based facts illustrate what kind of eating works to literally "fuel" the human body, and why.

BodyFueling® also encourages people to develop a lifelong vision for their fitness and health, to make a connection between what we eat and whether we fulfill our planned futures-a compelling long-term context that goes beyond short-term goals. This unique and highly successful approach presents eating as a way of investing in the body and emphasize that eating is normal, not something to be suppressed or "cut back."

After 14 months in hardcover reaching the top 10 on numerous regional bestseller lists (including number 3 on the Seattle Times bestseller list), there are now well over 100,000 copies in print (hardcover plus paperback). BodyFueling® has been published in five countries and was an alternate selection of the Prevention, Doubleday and Literary Guild book clubs.

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These are real comments from real people. They came from phone calls and letters from people who have read the book, and from participant comments after workshops/seminars and on speaking evaluations and surveys. Some of these comments are also from the media, fitness trainers, doctors and teachers. Most of them are from people just like you who found something here they'd found nowhere else.

Pay special attention to the nature of these testimonials! They are unique--because what BodyFueling® does is unique. These comments are, in fact, what caught the attention of the editor who acquired BodyFueling® for Warner Books. She called because she saw something special and different in these comments than you generally see in "diet book" testimonials, and she was intrigued.

Note what a different quality they have than the usual "Wow!!! I lost X lbs in X days!!!" Note people's emphasis on the new quality of their experience of eating; their feeling of being empowered, inspired and informed about food, health, and their bodies; their grasp of what it means to be healthy and take care of themselves; their heightened sense of responsibility for their bodies and their commitment to investing in their health through eating and exercise; their expanded big-picture view of how nourishing themselves today bears on the long-term future--and their newfound freedom, joy and "choicefulness" in healthy eating. READ ON...

"Dynamically delivered...a myth-busting tour de force."
- Longevity Magazine

"I wished she'd taught my high school science classes."
- Molly Martin, The Seattle Times

"A sensible yet powerful nutrition health book which both informs and transforms. Full of good sense as well as good science...Superb!"
- Jeffrey S. Bland, Ph.D.

"I found BodyFueling to make more sense than anything else I had personally tried or read about, and I have recommended it to my patients ever since as the only answer that works over time. While the information Robyn has amassed is not new, her approach is. Sure, I had learned all the facts in medical school (or so I thought)-but Robyn's unique way of presenting the facts inspires and motivates us to put those facts into practice, day in and day out. BodyFueling is the only thing in 15 years that worked for me personally, and I'm convinced that her approach is the only real answer to the American food/health issue."
- Dr. Ann McCombs, D.O.

"Thoroughly researched and exceptionally accurate...Her analogies are thoughtful, graphic and memorable, making abstract science come alive...The case for new thinking in health and fitness education has found a unique and powerful voice in Robyn Landis."
- Dr. Kaaren Nichols, M.D.

"BodyFueling® has freed me from the battle of the scale. I am eating more today than I ever have before...the result is that I feel great and have all the energy I need."
- R.M. Heslin, Vice President, Aetna Health Plans

"As a personal trainer, I often look for books that I can read and pass on to my clients. I hate 'fad' books, especially on nutrition, diet and exercise....I have been reading and studying in the fitness field for 20 years, and never have I seen a book that was so valuable educationally."
- Sue Engelman, A.C.E., Aerobics Instructor & Personal Trainer, St. Petersburg, FL

"I'm an ACE-certified instructor who sees clients seven hours a day, five days a week, and I read everything on this subject, and this is definitely the best little book I've ever read in my entire life! A client gave it to me--she's quite overfat but has been living by this and has lost 18 pounds of fat and has never been happier or felt better in her life! You've done a great thing with this book."
- Randi Albrechtsen, A.C.E., Aerobics Instructor & Personal Trainer, McCall, ID

"BodyFueling deflated all of the arguments, resistance and emotional issues about 'healthy eating' that kept me from fully committing myself to it. Nothing--even after 14 years of being a fitness instructor myself--reached me like the clarity, authenticity and completeness of BodyFueling®. Before, food issues took up a lot of space and energy, and I got no results. BodyFueling® totally reversed that: now food is not a concern, and I have a whole lot of results. It may be hard to believe, but losing 14 pounds of fat in the last two years is almost irrelevant compared to the emotional freedom, practical ease and functional elegance of fueling."
- Susan Bennett, Teacher, Edmonds, WA

"This book is sensational! Your research is incredible. The way you write is phenomonal. It's entertaining, easy to understand, and your analogies are perfect. I feel so knowledgeable myself now; it feels wonderful."
- June G., Westport, CT

"I bought every food and diet book that came along in the past few decades. After reading BodyFueling, I threw every last one of them into the garbage-I didn't even want to donate them to Goodwill.This is the first time I've ever had that kind of confidence in a book in my life. And the greatest thing isn't that I've already lost a size and can fit into my old jeans, but that a workout which used to be grueling is now such a pleasure that I doubled the workout time-all because of a bagel!"
- Kathy M., Seattle, WA

"I have never, ever, ever read a more remarkable book in my entire life. It's taken all the pieces that were floating out there and put them together. I'm an educated person, I have all kind of degrees--but I had no idea how my body works. I'd go to step aerobics without eating and think I was tired and nauseous from the heat...I'm liberated!"
- Karen J., Alexandria, VA

"I actually sat down one weekend and wrote down all of my goals for my life and thought about the health and fitness I will need to accomplish those things. It was really powerful and has changed the whole way I look at healthy eating."
- Greg B., Minneapolis, MN

"Very well organized, concise, excellent analogies and illustrations--a terrific biology lesson. It put me into immediate action."
- Jack Durney, Teacher and Film Producer, Edmonds, WA

"I already knew most of the information, and yet I had never put it all together. What your course did was put me in touch with my commitment to my fitness and health, so now I'm actually using the information."
- Mark Weeks, Seattle, WA

  "Given how well this works, I have no desire to eat high-fat, high-sugar things any more. I'm astounded at my energy level, and I've lost inches. I don't worry about eating any more. I just fuel up."
- William C., Seattle, WA

"I definitely have a sense of what I need to do if I want health and fitness-and I also know that if I don't do it, that's my choice. And I am making better choices, especially in restaurants. I have much more energy at the end of the day, so I've been able to begin exercising."
- Patti N., Seattle, WA

"The first eye-opener was getting out the hidden fats. Secondly, beginning to eat at frequent intervals has increased my staying power throughout the day. The third benefit has been to ease up on being driven to exercise without fail...I have gained pounds, yet lost two inches on the waist. I am almost into a 30" pant, where I was in high school. My energy went up and my food bill went down. I wish every parent concerned about the well-being of their children, and anyone who has stuggled with body issues will learn that the answer is simple and painless."
- Al Battson, Seattle, WA

"People don't recognize me on the street. My bodyfat has dropped many percentage points. I'm wide awake at 6:30 a.m. Used to be I couldn't get out of bed before nine if my soul depended on it. I don't think about eating anything high-fat any more. I can't even look at fat, frankly. I've gotten to where it's kind of taken over, you know what I mean? It's part of me. And I love it."
- Bill K., Seattle, WA

"I don't know what I weighed before, and I don't know what I weigh now. What I know is I fit into clothes I haven't been able to wear for three years or more. People who haven't seen me for a while are blown away. There has been a total transformational shift in how I eat. It's just very natural. The fat seemed to fall off when I wasn't even looking. I'm so happy--most of all because this just isn't an issue any more.
- Jan S., Kirkland, WA

"So this is why I have lost the same "weight" (not fat) over and over and over again...Since BodyFueling® I've been fueling my body so much better, and believe it or not, I have already felt a BIG difference. I feel good, my mood is higher, my head is clearer and I have more energy for my 3-year-old son. I have told everyone who will hold still long enough about BodyFueling®."
- Cathryn D., Seattle, WA

"I saw that I had been eating to 'fix' myself, not to have the energy to live my life. In fact, I haven't been eating; I've been starving. I've been so busy tinkering with the engine, I hadn't made just plain fuel a priority."
- Tom A., Seattle, WA

"Food has been a big issue for me over the years, and I've never seen it presented before so that things began to occur differently to me. It's okay to eat now--I can fuel myself and I won't get fat. I don't feel deprived and I don't feel guilty! I also waste less time worrying about food. My training is greatly improved too."
- David K., Port Angeles, WA

"For the first time, I don't think I'm wrong for how much I weigh, or for wanting to eat...When I go to buy food, I'm not just looking to fill an urge; I'm thinking, 'What do I want to put in this body?' I'm 'fueling', and I'm feeling great, and people say I look great."
- Eugene K., Seattle, WA

"Not only has my enjoyment of cooking increased immensely, but my husband and kids are healthier. I really see how important what you put in your mouth is. It's like a light bulb went off. It's really altered my life."
- Ruth R., Darrington, WA

"What's incredible is that I forget all about my old cravings. I had this routine of stopping by this special place to get a 'killer' cookie, and it keeps slipping my mind. I just don't think of it. It's not 'magic'--it just makes sense. It's easy, it's wonderfully delicious, it's an incredible amount of food, it's even inexpensive."
- Ann F., M.S.W., psychotherapist, Seattle, WA

"BodyFueling® has fundamentally and permanently altered our perception of dieting, health, and our relationship to food. Changes included me dropping down two dress sizes, snacking all the time on healthy snack food, reading every label before buying, eating three-quarters less red meat and cheese; eliminating peanut butter and most oils in cooking, and never going more than four hours without food. The information you provide should be made available to everyone--it should be common knowledge!"
- Sue Maas, Bellevue, WA

"BodyFueling® has changed my energy and my life. I didn't really know what eating well meant. I was starving myself and had no idea. I no longer assume that as I get older, I must get fatter. I realize that I love my body and I love to take care of it. Also, eating before running altered my training-I couldn't believe the difference-I ran a fantastic marathon."
- Peg M., Physical Therapist, CA

"BodyFueling® gave me the support and clarity I need to make choices every day to take care of my body. I had worked out for years trying to get definition through body scultping and aerobics. After BodyFueling®, the visual difference was amazing even though I didn't change my workout a bit. I heartily endorse this very practical material!"
- Karen T., Seattle, WA


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The original BodyFueling® went out of print in early 1999 (inexplicably, after 5 years and over 100,000 copies; Amazon told Warner Books, "We're puzzled--BodyFueling® is a very consistent seller.") So, iUniverse reprinted the book. Since 2000, this version of BodyFueling® has been in bookstores. You can get the book everywhere, but ordering using the links below helps maintain this site.

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