As a vegetarian, what do you do for protein?

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As a vegetarian, what do you do for protein?
---P.W., Florida


For protein, I eat:
No meat, poultry or fish.
Small amounts of organic lowfat dairy products (e.g., Horizon, Cascadian Farms or Organic Valley)--only dairies with humanely treated cows that feed organic feed and use no hormones or antibiotics.
Veggie deli slices, veggie "bacon," veggie "sausage," veggie fajita strips, veggie burgers/patties, veggie "chik" nuggets/patties, etc.
Beans, legumes.
Tofu, tempeh, seitan, other soy products.
Eggs, very occasionally (only from farms with humanely- treated, free-range chickens that feed on organic feed).
If traveling, I will sometimes use sports bars, and Spirutein® powder in juice or soy milk, to get additional protein.

I get between 55 and 85 grams of protein daily, depending on activity level and my day-to-day instincts. This means I average 70 grams daily, slightly above US RDA. I find this sufficient for moderate regular exercise and moderate weight lifting/muscle building. The percentage of protein in my diet averages about 15 percent (with 60-65 percent carbohydrate and 20-25 percent fat).

~ Robyn Landis

NOTE: Protein in the diet is discussed in two other places on this site: The "Exiting The Zone" Myth Bust, the "Confused About Carbohydrates?", Myth Bust, and the "South Beach Diet" Myth Bust as well as Experts Talk Carbs.

NOTE: Vegetarianism is also briefly discussed on pp. 110-112 of Robyn Landis's book Herbal Defense.

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