Letter to Starbucks CEO


You can also use the form letter below (I modified it a bit for myself) to
write or fax to Starbucks CEO Orin Smith. You can do it online by going to:
It only takes a few seconds!

Dear Orin Smith,
As a health conscious, socially and environmentally-concerned consumer, I am upset about the current policies and practices of Starbucks. I am upset about the introduction of untested, unlabeled, and potentially hazardous
genetically engineered ingredients -- without my knowledge -- into the foods that I consume and serve to my family. I am dismayed to learn that Starbucks allows recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) and other
genetically engineered ingredients in your coffee beverages, ice cream, chocolate, and baked goods.
I am also upset that Starbucks is refusing to brew and serve Fair Trade, shade-grown coffee in its cafes (as opposed to just selling the beans in bulk); and that you are not following through completely on a previous
agreement to improve the wages and working conditions for the thousands of workers on coffee plantations that supply you with coffee in Guatemala and other nations.

As you know, shade-grown Fair Trade coffee (most of which is organic) is much better for the environment, helping to preserve biodiversity and the precious habitat of migratory birds and other creatures, as well as being
safer for coffee workers. As you also know, wages and working conditions for small coffee producers and plantation workers who supply your company with its primary product are abysmal. I have reviewed the current information on genetically engineered foods and crops and I'm gravely concerned about the effects they could have on human health and the environment. Since these foods have been rushed to market, there has been no time to conduct long-term human health studies. Numerous scientists have warned that genetic engineering could likely introduce allergens and novel toxins into food, could lower its nutritional value, and in the case of milk produced with genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH), possibly increase the risk of cancer.
I would like to see Starbucks publicly state that you are removing all genetically engineered ingredients from your brand-name products and that you will label your bottled coffee beverages and ice cream as certified
rBGH free (or organic). If you cannot guarantee me in writing that you are moving to banish untested, unlabeled rBGH and other genetically engineered food ingredients from your brand-name products, brewing and promoting Fair Trade coffee in all your cafes, and following through completely and transparently on your
previous pledge to improve the wages and working conditions of the plantation workers who supply you with your coffee--you leave me no choice but to boycott your products, and to tell everyone else I know to do the
same thing. I look forward to receiving response from you in writing.


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