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You can also order through many independent booksellers. Your favorite bookstore can order it for you and have it delivered for you to pick up. A copy will be printed "on demand" at your request.

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A note from Robyn Landis:


After printing nearly 100,000 copies in North America (plus tens of thousands more more in 4 other countries/languages), Warner Books chose to take BodyFueling out of print in 1998 (even though personally came to my defense, noting that BodyFueling was among the top 20 sellers in the nutrition/diet category!)

On-demand printing enabled me to keep the original BodyFueling in print. Through iUniverse, the original BodyFueling (published in 1994 and 1995) is once again available, this time as a large-size trade paperback.  It is available online and in stores, through Amazon, Borders, Barners & Noble, and many independent booksellers, as well as through the originating new publisher, You can order the book online or in stores, and a fresh new copy will be printed "on demand" at your request.

Please note that this is the original, unedited version of BodyFueling. (A revised, updated edition is still underway, but due to scheduling and competing projects, I still cannot provide a publication date. It will happen someday, but in the meantime, I am happy to offer the original again.) In the meantime, my website at offers updates and enhancements, and details latebreaking views and information. I encourage you to use my site as a "companion" resource.

Even though the book is six years old, and my own views and habits have evolved further since its original publication (notably regarding vegetarianism), the essence of the BodyFueling approach has remained the same. From the volume and content of mail I receive, I know that the basic BodyFueling messages did and do have an enormous positive impact on people's lives. The simple, factual, no-nonsense BodyFueling philosophy and wealth of plain-English information liberates people from "diet thinking" and the suffering and misery that go with it. BodyFueling has made food and eating a joy instead of a burden for hundreds of thousands of people--stripping away hype and misinformation, translating jargon into common sense, and empowering them to think for themselves about health care and what they put into their bodies. Bodyfueling--as a way of THINKING--offers unparalleled freedom, self-sufficiency and ease about eating, food, diet and weight issues.

Diet thinking has never been more out of control in our country and in the world. Sadly, we're seeing an ever greater proliferation of misleading assumptions, platitudes and myths surrounding diet and health, fad diets and other nonsensical schemes--unfortunately, always quick to sell to the ever-hopeful dieting masses. Many of you have written to me to share your concern about what you see others doing.

Until I have more books to offer, celebrate the return of BodyFueling by going to,,, or your local bookstore and exercising your ability to buy. (And don't forget my second book, Herbal Defense, is still out there going strong. It offers new information on diet and supplements, as well as a wealth of information on herbal medicine and natural healing.) Thank you for your support!


Robyn Landis

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