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Some of our most pleasurable moments here are spent in peace - watching the quiet symphony of nature's colors in Autumn, listening to the snow fall, even the simple awe of the sun dipping below the horizon is a peaceful joy we look forward to daily.

The right to peace is fundamental, inalienable right afforded to everyone on the planet; as basic as the right breathe clean air. Sometimes, in our land of plenty, it's hard to imagine that there are people being denied this most basic right... but there are. All around the world, with so many ongoing violent conflicts, a lot of people are being denied their right to peace. The planet and all its creatures are under siege.

How can one person make a difference? As you shop this holiday season, vote with your dollars. A lot of unrest is about is about oppression; one group exploiting another. Make sure everything you buy is made and traded fairly; that no one was exploited in their manufacture. Buy organic whenever possible. Not only is it better for you, but also for the workers and the environment where the product is produced. You have have a right to know where and under what conditions products is produced. You have a right to know where and under what conditions products were made, so ask before you buy. Like the gentle process of rain gradually wearing down a stone, little by little, if enough people shop more consiously, manufacturers and stores will start to understand that fair treatment of people and the planet matters greatly!

Making a difference, to the planet and to you, is what keeps us enthusiastic. Everything Mama offers is environmentally & socially responsible. Everything is also "Mama tested" and carries our personal Guarantee of Satisfaction so you can shop with total peace of mind!

Wishing you the Peace and Joy of the Holiday Season all year.

Carolyn & John Grogan & the Mama's Earth Family

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